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World Marketing Summit International (eWMS)

6 – 7 November 2020

‘Business leadership and sustainability in critical times’
Conference Platform Via: Learning Platform of University of Uninettuno & Amazon Live

About eWMS

Due to COVID 19, it is a difficult and uncertain time for all industries and businesses. Nevertheless, in times of lockdowns and working at home, all of us would like to stay positive and see what opportunities are available.

Businesses face tough decisions from staffing, to postponing meetings and conferences, and dealing with cash flows that are drying up. When businesses have experienced market shocks in the past, their immediate need is to survive and manage cash problems. The second priority is to think ahead on how to create new marketing strategies, innovate new products, build new partnerships or acquire other companies. Chaotic times always produces new marketing and innovative opportunities.

Business people are hungry to hear and think about new ideas. In this connection, the World Marketing Summit (WMS) is expanding to address the concerns of businesses all over the world. We call this initiative WMS International (eWMS), the online version of WMS. We recognize the need to educate, train and stimulate audiences around the world.

We recognize that in Covid times, we cannot gather in large conventions and meetings as we have done in the past. New challenges require new solutions. eWMS has chosen to innovate an online solution to meet the needs of its customers.

The theme of eWMS 2020 is ‘Business leadership and sustainability in critical times’ that is schedule on November 6 and 7, 2020. It will start at 00:01am GMT on Nov, 6 (8:00 am Malaysia time) and finish on 11:59 pm GMT on Nov, 7 (8:00 pm Malaysia time). Simultaneously eWMS will cover all continents, starting from Auckland and conclude in Los Angeles.

Target Participants

  • Professionals from the private, public, and non-profit sectors, including business leaders, entrepreneurs, social activists, teachers, health workers, retailers, engineers, doctors, lawyers, social workers and students.
  • eWMS welcome everyone interested in building a sustainable world economy in critical & post critical times

Why eWMS

  • Get ideas and inspiration from Philip Kotler and 59++ other global gurus in critical times.
  • Hear about the major changes in customer behavior in the Post-Covid period.
  • Hear about the best opportunities in the Post-Covid period. Hear about the new laws, public policies and regulations likely to take place.
  • Hear about the growing role of Brand Activism and Sociopreneurship.
  • Hear what mindset must you embrace.
  • What changes must you make?
  • What strategies and tactics can you employ to lead your company through this challenging time to successes?

Main Organizer

Kotler Impact Inc, Canada and Universiti Kuala Lumpur

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Pricing &  Registration

Events are scheduled in around 20 countries worldwide including Japan, Italy, the UK, Turkey, the US, Canada, Brazil, Myanmar, Thailand, India and many more.

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